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Indus aims to continually create new opportunities, enhance value for our shareholders and improve social and environmental returns for our people and the communities in which we operate.

In doing so, we recognise that achieving this commitment involves outstanding performance in all areas of the business.

Indus’ total business approach to sustainability involves projects, materials, resources, systems and procedures, business models and governance.

Indus works to embed sustainability from tender to project completion including:

  • Training key personnel as Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals under the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s rating tool. We use the Infrastructure Sustainability Tool to help direct and document our approach to Sustainability.
  • Procurement and purchasing being streamlined with sustainability and efficiency benefits gained through bulk purchasing.
  • Fuel efficiencies being considered when purchasing new equipment. This reaps benefits financially, environmentally and socially through lower fuel costs and less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Continuing to service existing clients, winning extensions of key contracts and widening our client base with winning of new projects ensuring the ongoing success of the business.


Indus’ integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System promotes effective leadership and implementation of appropriate risk control processes to continuously improve our HSEQ performance for the benefit of our people, clients and other stakeholders.

Indus’ HSEQ Management System is certified to AS 4801 Health & Safety, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 9001 Quality.  Our safety management system is also accredited by the Office of the Federal Safety Commission (OFSC).

Health and Safety

Indus has a strong safety record and safety is a fundamental element of the way in which we deliver our work.  Indus promotes a holistic and comprehensive approach to the prevention and minimisation of work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.  Effective work health and safety practices are essential to our business success. Our people are committed to implementing and following our robust safe systems of work to ensure that we all go home safe every day.

Indus also understands the need for its health and safety function to adapt with a changing world and to this end we remain vigilant in identifying new solutions to face new and emerging challenges. We continue to implement initiatives to ensure our safety beliefs, values and attitudes support the organisational culture we are trying to grow and support, including embracing technology and innovation to achieve this.


Indus is committed to minimising impact to the environment. We do this through the establishment and promotion of environmental systems and processes designed to reduce the likelihood of pollution and environmental damage within all aspects of our business. At all times we ensure that we are complying with relevant legislation and meeting industry and community expectations. We are regularly striving for innovative and new ways to do things, including minimising our environmental footprint.

We ensure that environmental management practices on our projects protect the environment.  We achieve this in several ways including:

  • Awareness and diligence in relation to our regulatory and legislative responsibilities. (Our environmental management record to date is excellent with no penalties/fines or breaches relating to environment.)
  • Striving to uphold the highest industry standards and taking great pride in our Environmental Management System maintenance and implementation.
  • Seeing synergies in the systems we operate and integrating with other processes where it makes sense to do so.
  • Complying with stakeholder environmental requirements.


Indus has a comprehensive Quality Management System that has been established to ensure our clients receive quality of product and service. Our system promotes continual improvement and provide us with the mechanisms to uphold our commitment to be innovative without compromising on quality. Our quality assurance and auditing processes ensure we maintain a high level of compliance with our legislative and other requirements, including certification requirements.

Download Indus’ Health Safety Environment and Quality Policy.


Indus is committed to benefiting the local communities in which we work.  We achieve this in several ways, including:

  • Buying locally sourced materials where feasible
  • Hiring local people to undertake works where possible
  • Supporting local community initiatives and causes
  • Complying with community related contractual requirements